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Space and Time Magazine #100

This bi-annual magazine now has a new owner, Hildy Silverman, and issue #100 celebrates with a double-size serving, 96 pages.

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This had flown entirely under my radar, which just goes to show that I need to be paying more attention. It has also spurred me into finding a place to post about this. I'm hoping this will encourage me to post more at this account. We'll see.
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Care Package from Eos

Eos, an imprint of HarperCollins, has always been a strong supporter of their titles, sending even small-fry like me ARCs and advance cover flats.

This shipment included:

An ARC of FAREWELL SUMMER by Ray Bradbury - October 2006 HC $24.95 ISBN 0-06-113154-7
The long-awaited sequel to DANDELION WINE. Bradbury returns to the territory of his beloved classic with a poignant novel of exuberance and rigidity, youth and old age, the comfortably ordinary and the magically unexpected. 224 pages, fairly large type.

An ARC of FORTRESS OF ICE by C. J. Cherryh - November 2006 HC $24.94 ISBN 0-380-97904-7
Cefwyn is king at last. Now, as he rebuilds his kingdom, a new challenge arises - a sinister force that threatens the fragile peace ... through his own son. The fifth adventure in the Fortress series.

The Eos Reader - a compilation of excerpts from 20 upcoming titles. Available as a free PDF from Most useful of all, really, is the list - with prices and ISBNs! - of everything scheduled from September 06 through April 07.

Previous shipments had ARCs of WINTERSMITH by Terry Pratchett, THE SHARING KNIFE by Lois McMaster Bujold, FOREST MAGE by Robin Hobb, MATRIARCH by Karen Traviss and LAND OF SNOW AND MIST by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald. So Harper has been very very good to me.
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What this is, and why.

I have started serious work on launching a newsletter about new releases in the speculative fiction field. Once I'm comfortable with the pages, it will be put up at (but it's not there yet). The newsletter will have listings of what is expected to be published in upcoming months, divided by month and most probably by subgenre (science fiction, fantasy, horror, media ...).

In the process of compiling this information, I draw from a lot of sources, and I felt it would be fun to have a place where I jot down some of this as it comes in.

So, this will be where to look if you want to know what's arrived in my mail, or interesting facts I've run across while looking things up.